Whatsminer M20S
MicroBT Whatsminer M20S
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MicroBT Whatsminer M20S



Manufacturer MicroBT
Model Whatsminer M20S
Release August 2019
Size 130 x 220 x 390mm
Weight 12500g
Chip name TSMC
Chip size 12nm
Noise level 75db
Fan(s) 2
Power 3360W
Voltage 12V
Interface Ethernet
Temperature -5 – 40 °C
Humidity 5 – 95 %

Minable coins

Acoin (ACOIN) | Curecoin (CURE) | Joulecoin (XJO) | Unbreakable (UNB) | eMark (DEM) | Peercoin (PPC) | BitcoinCash (BCH) | Bitcoin (BTC) | Terracoin (TRC) | BitcoinSV (BSV)

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Comprehensive Review of the Whatsminer M20S: A Deep Dive into a Leading ASIC Miner

Cryptocurrency mining has significantly evolved over the past decade, transitioning from a hobby for tech enthusiasts to a serious investment and profitable business venture. The heart of this transformation lies in the development of specialized mining hardware, such as ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) miners, which are designed to offer substantial computing power while maintaining energy efficiency. Among the prominent names in this arena is the Whatsminer M20S, a model celebrated for its robust performance and reliability.

Overview and Development of Whatsminer M20S

MicroBT, the manufacturer behind the Whatsminer series, has carved a niche in the cryptocurrency mining hardware market with its high-quality and efficient designs. The Whatsminer M20S represents a significant advancement in their lineup, boasting improvements in hash rate and power efficiency that cater to the needs of serious miners.

This model is part of the broader M20 series, which includes several variations differing in power output and efficiency, ensuring that there is a suitable option for different mining scales and budgets. Understanding the development of these models gives insight into the engineering advances that have helped optimize their performance.

In-Depth Technical Specifications

The Whatsminer M20S is not just another miner; it’s a powerhouse designed for optimal performance. Here’s a breakdown of its core technical specifications:

  • Processor and Chips: Equipped with the latest ASIC chips, the M20S delivers a formidable hash rate, making it competitive in the mining industry.
  • Hashrate: It boasts up to 68 TH/s to 70 TH/s, depending on the specific model (such as the whatsminer m20s 68t or the asic whatsminer m20s 70th/s), providing profound efficiency in processing blockchain transactions.
  • Power Efficiency: The device operates with a power efficiency of around 48 J/TH, which balances performance with energy consumption, an essential factor in maximizing profitability in mining operations.
  • Physical Dimensions and Weight: It is designed to be durable yet compact, facilitating easier setup and maintenance.

These specifications make the Whatsminer M20S a top choice for miners aiming for high output with manageable power consumption.

Setup, Installation, and Firmware

Getting your Whatsminer M20S up and running is a straightforward process, designed to ensure that even those new to mining can begin without hassle. The package comes with all necessary accessories, and setting up involves:

  1. Unboxing and Initial Setup: Carefully unbox the miner, ensuring all components are intact.
  2. Connection: Connect the power supply and link the miner to your mining pool account.
  3. Firmware Setup: Update to the latest firmware from the official Whatsminer firmware page to ensure optimal performance and security.

For detailed setup instructions, you might want to check Crazy Mining’s setup guide.

Performance and Usability Analysis

The real test of any mining hardware lies in its performance and the Whatsminer M20S does not disappoint. Designs to function efficiently in varied mining conditions. In comparison to other miners like the Antminer series, the M20S stands out due to its excellent power efficiency and stability.

Performance Metrics:

  • Electricity Usage Vs. Output: Real-world data suggests that the M20S’s output justifies its power draw, with profitability margins remaining attractive even in regions with higher electricity rates.
  • Mining Conditions: It performs consistently across different climates, attributed to its robust cooling system that prevents overheating.

This performance analysis indicates that the M20S is a reliable tool for both novice and experienced miners focusing on long-term profitability.

Maintenance, Durability, and Troubleshooting

Maintaining the Whatsminer M20S is essential for ensuring its longevity and continued efficiency. Here are some tips for maintenance:

  • Regular Cleaning: Dust and debris can reduce efficiency; hence, regular cleaning is recommended.
  • Firmware Updates: Keep the firmware up to date to protect against vulnerabilities and bugs.
  • Troubleshooting Common Issues: Most common issues can be resolved by resetting the device or checking the power connections.

For maintenance guides and troubleshooting, refer to the user manual or visit Cryptominer Bros.

Economic Considerations and Market Analysis

From an economic standpoint, the Whatsminer M20S is an investment. Here’s a quick economic analysis:

  • Cost: The upfront cost can be significant, but competitive when compared to other high-performance miners.
  • ROI: Depending on your electricity cost and current cryptocurrency market trends, the return on investment can be realized within a year.
  • Market Trends: With the fluctuating nature of cryptocurrency values, staying updated on market trends is crucial for maximizing returns.

Visit Cryptominer Bros for the latest prices and availability.

Pros, Cons, and User Experiences


  • High hash rate and efficiency.
  • Robust build quality.
  • Good resale value.


  • Higher power consumption than some newer models.
  • Can be noisy, which might be a consideration if operating from a home environment.

User Experiences: Most users report satisfaction with the performance and reliability of the M20S, noting that it meets or exceeds profitability expectations.

Conclusion and Recommendations

The Whatsminer M20S is a formidable player in the ASIC miner market, well-suited for those serious about cryptocurrency mining. Its balance of power, efficiency, and usability makes it an excellent choice for both newcomers and seasoned miners. As mining technology evolves, staying informed and selecting hardware that aligns with your mining strategy is crucial. The M20S is a testament to MicroBT’s commitment to innovation and quality in the mining industry.

For potential buyers, assessing individual mining conditions and electricity costs will be key in determining the suitability of the M20S for your needs.

Explore more about Whatsminer models and purchase options at Cryptominer Bros.

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