Antminer S17
Antminer S17 (56Th)
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Antminer S17 (56Th)



Manufacturer Bitmain
Model Antminer S17 (56Th/53Th)
Also known as Antminer S17-56TH/s
Release April 2019
Size 178 x 296 x 298mm
Weight 9500g
Chip boards 3
Chip name BM1397
Chip size 7nm
Chip count 144
Noise level 82db
Fan(s) 4
Power 2520W
Voltage 12V
Interface Ethernet
Temperature 5 – 45 °C
Humidity 5 – 95 %

Minable coins

Acoin (ACOIN) | Curecoin (CURE) | Joulecoin (XJO) | Unbreakable (UNB) | eMark (DEM) | Peercoin (PPC) | BitcoinCash (BCH) | Bitcoin (BTC) | Terracoin (TRC) | BitcoinSV (BSV)

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Comprehensive Guide to the Bitmain Antminer S17: A Deep Dive into Profitable Crypto Mining

The Bitmain Antminer S17 stands as a pivotal innovation in the realm of cryptocurrency mining, particularly for Bitcoin. As part of the renowned Antminer series, the S17 has garnered attention for its impressive efficiency and power in the SHA-256 algorithm mining. This blog post delves into the various aspects of the Antminer S 17, including its specifications, setup, and overall performance, providing a thorough overview for potential buyers and crypto enthusiasts.

Introduction to Bitmain Antminer S17

The Antminer S17 series, developed by Bitmain, represents a significant step forward in the technology used for Bitcoin mining. These models are designed to offer one of the best hash rates in the market while maintaining a balance in power consumption. The series includes several models: the standard Antminer S17, the Antminer S17 Pro, and the Antminer S17 Plus. Each model caters to different mining needs and budgets, making the S17 series versatile and widely applicable.

Key Features of the Antminer S17 Series

  • High Efficiency: Utilizes the latest generation of SHA-256 algorithm chips.
  • Enhanced Longevity: Built to withstand continuous operation under optimal conditions.

Technical Specifications

The Antminer S 17 series comes in various models, each with distinct specifications. The Antminer S 17 Pro, for example, can reach a hash rate of up to 56 Th/s, which is a testament to its superior capabilities in mining Bitcoin.

Hashrate Specifications

  • Antminer S 17: Offers a hash rate of around 53 Th/s.
  • The Antminer S17 Pro: Can go up to 56 Th/s, depending on the mode set by the user.
  • Antminer S17 Plus: Enhances further on the Pro model, adding efficiency and power.

Power Consumption Details

Power efficiency is a critical factor in mining operations, as it directly impacts profitability. The Antminer S 17 shows significant improvements in this area with a power efficiency rated at approximately 45 J/TH, making it one of the most power-efficient miners on the market.

Profitability and Efficiency

Mining profitability is not just about hardware capabilities but also about operational costs, primarily electricity. The Antminer S 17 not only delivers powerful performance but also ensures that this performance is achieved with optimal power usage.

Daily and Long-term Profitability

Using tools like the NiceHash profitability calculator, users can input their electricity rates to see detailed profitability forecasts. This is crucial for planning long-term mining operations.

Power Efficiency Ratings

Given its advanced technology, the S17’s power efficiency is a pivotal factor in its popularity. It strikes a balance between energy consumption and output, maximizing the return on investment for miners.

Setup and Installation

Setting up the Antminer S17 involves several critical steps to ensure it operates efficiently. Proper installation impacts not only its immediate functionality but also its longevity.

Physical Dimensions and Setup Requirements

The physical setup of the Antminer S17 requires careful consideration of space, as it needs adequate ventilation to prevent overheating. Additionally, ensuring that it operates in a dust-free environment helps in maintaining its operational efficiency.

Optimal Operational Conditions

The voltage and power setup for the Antminer S 17 should align with the manufacturer’s specifications to avoid any damage. Typically, a stable power supply of 220-240V is ideal for optimal performance.

Market Availability and Pricing

The Antminer S 17 series is available both new and pre-owned across various platforms. Prices can vary significantly based on the model and its condition.

Current Market Analysis

As of now, the Antminer S 17 can be found on platforms like Amazon and other specialized crypto hardware websites like Crypto Miner Bros.

Pricing Range

The pricing for new models typically ranges from $2,000 to $4,000, depending on the specific model and seller. Second-hand models can be found at reduced prices but require careful scrutiny to ensure they are in good working condition.

Operational Guidance

To maximize the efficiency and lifespan of the Antminer S 17, certain best practices should be followed.

Maintenance Tips

Regularly checking and cleaning the Antminer S17 is essential to prevent dust build-up which can lead to overheating. Additionally, firmware updates should be performed as they become available to keep the miner running smoothly.

Comparison with Other Miners

The Antminer S17 holds a strong position in the market compared to other ASIC miners due to its efficiency and power.

Performance Comparison

When compared to earlier models like the Antminer D3, the S 17 offers significantly better hash rates and energy efficiency, making it a preferred choice for serious miners.

User Feedback and Reviews

User reviews highlight the reliability and performance of the Antminer S 17, though some report challenges with heat management and initial setup.

Common Issues Reported

Some users have noted that without adequate cooling, the S17 can overheat, which may lead to reduced efficiency and potential hardware damage.

Future Outlook

The future of ASIC mining looks promising with advancements in chip technology and energy efficiency. Bitmain is expected to continue leading with innovations that may include more powerful and energy-efficient models than the Antminer S 17.


  1. Does Antminer S17 have a low power mode? Yes, the Antminer S17 includes a low power mode that can be activated to reduce electricity consumption while slightly lowering hash rate output.
  2. How many constant watts does the S17 Antminer require? The Antminer S17 typically requires about 2200 watts of power in standard mode.
  3. How many solar panels are needed to power 5 Antminer S17 units? Assuming each panel produces around 300 watts, approximately 40 panels would be needed to operate five units continuously.
  4. How much Bitcoin can Antminer S17 mine per month? This depends on the current difficulty level of the Bitcoin network and the operational efficiency of the miner. However, users can expect to mine approximately 0.02 BTC per month under optimal conditions.


The Bitmain Antminer S17 series represents a significant advancement in crypto mining technology. With its high efficiency, powerful performance, and reasonable power consumption, it stands as an excellent choice for anyone serious about mining Bitcoin. As the crypto landscape evolves, staying informed and prepared with the best tools will be key to profitability.

For further insights and updates on mining technology, visit Crypto Miner Bros.

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